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Speaking and Teaching

Welcome to examples of my work. May you and your work benefit from these talks and conversations.

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Deep Democracy 

East Oakland Building Healthy Communities - An introduction to building power toward systems change as the practice for deep democracy. (Approx. 13 minutes) 

 The Four Noble Truths: Toward Reimagining Justice and Ourselves

Talk given to East Bay Meditation Center, People of Color Sangha on April 21st, 2022, via Zoom Renato explores the Four Noble Truths, his conjectures as a spiritual activist in recovery, and his reflections from three texts: Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown, We do this 'till we free us by Mariame Kaba, and The Four Pivots by Shawn Ginwright.

KPFA 94.1 Radio -
Awareness, Acceptance, & Action: Conjectures of a Spiritual Activist in Recovery

Can we change only one person, ourselves, and still effectively change the world? Host, Marlena Willis, talks with Dr. Renato Almanzor about his work as a Transformation Catalyst, where he draws on lessons learned from 30 years of activism for social change and on Buddhism and 12-step recovery programs.


University Graduation Keynote Address

A keynote on the virtues of formal and life education. (Approx. 15 minutes) 

Equity & Inclusion: Perspectives, Principles, and Practices for Now 

This is an overview shared with an organization approaching their next phase of equity and inclusion work. In this presentation, I share the impact of context, and how we can pivot toward anti-racist power building and structural change. (Approx. 15 minutes)

Everyday Equity: Practices, Principles & Perspectives

Hosted by Leadership Learning Community as part of their leadership development webinar series. This mindfulness-based webinar offers leaders perspectives and practices for compassionately awakening power, love, and justice. (Approx. 1 hour and 21 minutes)

A Conversation about Everyday Equity

With Dr. John Watkins, I discuss a transformational approach to designing school disctricts. (Approx. 32 minutes) 

Racial Equity & Inclusion within Leadership Development Spaces 

A virtual workshop that I co-presented with Patrick Brown and Deborah Meehan, hosted by Leadership Learning Community. In addition to reflecting on a brief history of leadership development, this workshop included embodiment practices and explored the use of story. (Approx. 44 minutes) 

Awakening Voices of the Heart

A conversation on how a heightened awareness of our own life experiences and internal voices can lead to empathy and ultimately shape how we "show up" for diverse families. (Approx. 39 minutes) 

Dharma Talks

Resilience and Reckoning: Awakening Liberation 

The pandemic continues to kill nearly 1000 citizens per day, and then another Black man gets shot in the back by the police, a 17 year old armed with an AR-15 shot and killed two people in Wisconsin, a hurricane crushed Louisiana, and unprecedented fires rage through California. And we had subsequent weeks of national conventions from Democrats and Republicans. Drawing from spiritual practices, activism, and recovery, Renato will foster accessing our resilience, practicing to reckon with all that is, awakening our liberation. (Approx 50min)

Awakening Love, Power, & Justice

A Dharma talk for the East Bay Meditation Center's People of Color Sangha. "Seeking Refuge in the Three Jewels" explores how awakening love, power, and justice can emerge from the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. (Approx. 1 hour and 14 minutes)

Awakening Transformation: Perspectives, Principles, & Practices for Now

Spiritual frameworks can allow for the emergence of wisdom even within the confluence of our current context - the pandemics of COVID, Institutional Racism, Economic Uncertainty, and suffering. I draw from the tenets of my spiritual practice, Engaged Buddhism, 12-steps programs, and community activism, to offer reflections and inquiry toward awakening transformation and liberation.  

Exploring Sangha: Belonging and Othering with People You Like/Don't Like, Trust/Don't Trust, Agree/Don't Agree

This Dharma talk from the People of Color Sangha at East Bay Meditation Center provides opportunities to explore our commitment to radical inclusion and shared leadership. It also reflects  opportunities to structure belonging and learn from othering.

Responsibility and Accountability: Spiritual Practices in Activism

A Dharma talk for the East Bay Meditation Center's People of Color Sangha. This presentation offers a meditation then a presentation on compassionate ways to hold ourselves and each other accountable. 

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